COME/IN/DOC - Collaborative Meta Interactive Documentary - is a transmedia meta-documentary that reflects on the interactive documentary. It consists of 3 interconnected parts: a documentary series, a multimedia platform and exhibitions.

This is the result of four years of intensive research (2012-2016) conducting interviews with experts in the field of interactive documentary with the aim of answering a basic question: what is an interactive documentary?

From this starting point, the idea is to reflect about this emerging field using different platforms. The project could be described as a “meta-interactive-doc”, an interactive documentary that reflects himself on the new genre trying to answer the questions and hypotheses raised during a period of nearly 10 years of research.

More than 10 hours of interviews regarding the key issues on interactive documentary: definition, features, evolution, interactivity, collaboration, technological future, gamification, new models of production, author’s role and business models.

A web platform containing educational content that complements and enriches the documenrary series. The platform has five sections:

Another part of the project includes exhibitions in different forms, which can be used in events along with computers or with touch screens to follow a path consisting of ten major questions and the responses of ten chosen experts in this specific area. These installation displays has been used partially in events and exhibitions such as InterDocsBarcelona 2013 (DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival), Visible Evidence XXII (2015) and CNA Luxemburg (2015).