Susanna Lotz


After graduating in Art History (Université Paris 1- Panthéon, La Sorbonne, Arts of the First Renaissance), Susanna continued her university research by integrating the Dance Lab in Paris 8, working on motion capture in contemporary dance choreographies. Susanna coedited two issues of “Anomalie”, a bilingual review exploring different themes in the fields of arts and digital technologies. Her work included Anomalie #2 “Digital Performance” and Anomalie #3 “Interfaces”. She also contributed to the CD-ROM “Le Centre Georges Pompidou: La collection” and “Yves Saint-Laurent: 40 ans de création” as well as the DVD ROM “Le Louvre”. Since 2002 Susanna has worked for the Web Department of Arte, where she was recruited to create innovative content for the web. Her teamwork with the commissioning broadcast editors resulted in the project “Gaza-Sderot – Life in spite of everything”, or “Farewell Comrades!”. Today Susanna Lotz lives in Berlin, where she collaborates on international transmedia projects. She is currently involved in workshops and seminars organized by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation and the Lima Akademie.